How to Go Viral on Social Media Campaigns? & Brand Examples (Video)

Wondering how to succeed in your Social Media Campaigns?

It seems like everyone wants to find success on social media by going viral these days. However, what does that even mean and how do you do it?

That’s what we’re gonna talk about today.

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An effective social media campaign is one that promotes your product or service, builds brand awareness, and really creates a sense of community.

What is a Social Media Campaign?

Social media campaign definition: It is a marketing effort that is run on social media to assist reaching business objectives and mass audience.

It is a very powerful marketing technique that helps brands build their identiy, increase traffic, boost sales, and skyrocket visibility.

Why Social Media Campaigns are Effective

Marketers can reach target audiences faster and with higher impact through succesful social media campaigns.

Why is a successful social media marketing campaign crucial for businesses? Well, let me put it this way;

According to recent digital reports, the number of social media users all around the globe has passed 3.8 billion people.

It is almost 60% of the world's population! Considering this, what channel would be more effective in strengthening your marketing efforts?

By running a successful social media campaign, you can;

  • Drive more engagement
  • Reach target audiences and potential customers
  • Create brand loyalty
  • Boost website traffic
  • Increase sales and conversion

So, are you ready to step on board with the worlds's leading marketers using one of the most prospering the industry techinique?

Before diving into how to create a social media campaign, you need to set yourself a goal. Let's see how you can set a social media marketing campaign goal like a pro.

How to Set Social Media Marketing Campaign Goals

To execute an impactful social media marketing campaign, first of all, you should determine your campaign goal or goals. We have stated some campaign goals to set you an example and understand social media marketing campaigns better.

1. Engage with Your Target Audience

For any marketing type, it is crucial to engage and connect with your audience.

There are many ways to connect with your audience and fuel your marketing efforts such as email marketing or using popups.

However, we are talking about the most viral solution to connect with an audience today. And that is through social media.

Social media made it easier to connect with potential customers all around the world.

With a successful social media marketing campaign, you can connect with them through likes, comments, and follows. Additionally, you can create and share relatable posts that allows your audience to connect with your brand on a deeper level.

Anyone can get interactions such as likes and comments, but building a stronger connection takes strong social media marketing campaign strategies.

Coca Cola Twitter social media marketing campaign

Coca Cola, for example, builds a deeper relationship with its audience by creating a hashtag on Twitter, asking the audience to share their favorite restaurants.

In this way, the world-famous company makes people relate their favorite restaurants with Coca Cola and encourage them to connect with the brand on a deeper level.

2. Boost Website Traffic

Social media brings businesses visibility. You can use this visibility to direct your social media traffic into website traffic by simply putting your website URL in your bio. Also, you can add links to your social media posts and stories to increase website traffic.

BBC Instagram social media marketing campaign

BBC adds the URLs of articles to their Instagram stories which boosts their website traffic.

3. Improve Brand Visibility

Brand awareness or visibility can be increased by regularly engaging with your audience through various social media platforms.

It is also useful to create specific hashtags and encourage the auidence to use them or tag their friends on your posts.

Additionally, sharing good quality pictures are crucial as well, especially in platforms focusing on photos like Instagram.

There is a higher chance that people will share your post with their friends and support your brand awareness when you keep consistent with high-quality posts.

4. Increase Sales

Social media is an excellent tool to promote your products. You can share an upcoming product on social media to drive customers' curiosity and increase excitement about the product.

All of a sudden your product can go viral thanks to the shareability of social media posts.

Therefore, running social media marketing campaigns is an efficient marketing tactic to boost sales and revenue.

Starbucks Instagram social media campaign

You can take this Starbucks social media campaign as an example. Starbucks knows how to excite customers about an upcoming seasonal drink.

They share the aesthetic images of seasonal drinks before they actually hit the stores. This contributes to boosting sales as it helps spreading the word out there to mass audiences on social media.

How to Run a Successful Social Media Campaign?

By being sharable.

Social media campaigns sharing illustration.

Social media is all about sharing what’s going on in our lives, our thoughts, and what’s important to us.

If you can get people to do that with your branded content then you’ll be sure to catch people's attention. Okay, so how to run a successful social media campaign?

  • Know your competitors and research them
  • Plan a strategy
  • Know your target audience and appeal to them
  • Determine your content type and format
  • Promote the determined content
  • Stick to a single message throughout the whole campaign
  • Make sure your social media campaign is creative, unique, and related to your brand
  • Be consistent with customer-brand engagement and connection
  • Create a unique hashtag and encourage target audience to use it
  • Track and manage your social media campaign results
  • Automate sharing content with a software to be consistent in scheduling

6 Successful Brands & Ideas


Spotify 2019 wrapped campaign

Spotify's end-of-the-year campaign that showed each user their year wrapped up with their most-listened artists and songs took social media by storm in 2019.

One of the points that made their campaign so successful is that they made everyone feel special.

Remember how I mentioned connecting with target audience at a deeper level by giving them something they can relate to. Well, that's basically what they did.

Successful brand which is succeed in social media campaign.

So this one started a little bit by accident in 2013 when artist Palo Devali encouraged fellow artists and photographers to reimagine the logo and then share it to the platform.

Then in 2016 when Instagram actually redid their logo, everyone hated it, so it started to catch on again and users from all backgrounds started to share their own versions, and it really gave them the opportunity to show their love of the platform and get creative.

Social media campaign example.


Know your lemons social media campaign.

So this was a campaign created by Worldwide Breast Cancer for Facebook to encourage survivors to share their personal stories and also build awareness by sharing lesser-known symptoms and facts about breast cancer.

The campaign really worked because it took a serious topic and made it light-hearted using a playful hashtag.

It also created comfort by using humor to encourage people to discuss the topic more.


Baskets social media campaign example on Instagram.

This one’s a little weird, it was created by the FX Network to promote a dark comedy about a man who dreams of being a professional clown.

I know it’s really weird but the campaign is great. Basically what they did is they set up a fake profile for Chip Baskets on LinkedIn and this campaign was great because it felt totally natural.

If you weren’t familiar with the show or Zach Galifianakis, you would probably think it was real. It was funny, it was unexpected, it was great.


Airbnb social media campaign.

This was a campaign on Facebook by Airbnb to promote their new app.

Basically what they did was have six people livestream their travels via the helmet cam on the platform.

It worked because it tapped into their users' love of adventure and then got a ton of live engagement via likes, shares, and comments.


Avoracle social media campaign.

This was a campaign for both Twitter and Facebook by the British company Lidl. Basically what they did is they tapped into the relatable experience of slicing into an avocado and not knowing which side the pit was gonna be on to predict the winner of soccer matches and people loved it.

They were betting on the outcome and sharing on social media networks.

It worked because it tapped into an experience everyone has had and a new current event.

So there you have it, those are our five social media campaigns. Hope these examples are useful for you to succeed with your brand!

If you want to ask questions or share your experience, we’re always happy to hear from you!

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