Everything About Generation Y & Their Social Media Behaviors

Illustration of Generation Y

What is Generation Y

They are the pupils of the market, strict followers of social media, individuals born between 1980 and 1990. In other words, they’re the Y Generation that we often hear in researches and news.

One of the biggest features that distinguish the generation Y from the other generations is that it is not as far away from technology as the X generation and it is not born into technology like the Z generation. Let me clarify it properly;

While one in the X generation does not trust online shopping and prefers to shop at stores, Y likes shopping online, completing the shopping process by a research. Since the Z generation does not yet have the economic power to shop, I keep them out of this sample.

Since we said social media and Y generation, it is important to mention some of the features that I think will be useful for you.

  • Their basic communication tools are internet and mobile platforms

  • This generation, defined as an individualist.

  • They are open to knowledge, they gladly put all kinds of information into their memory.

  • They’re strict followers of trends.

  • Fast-consuming generation Y likes to follow dynamic and self-renewing brands

Why Brands Target Generation Y?

Example image of social media branding.

The very basic answer is that we are living in a digital world that supports us to spend money. Also, they like consuming.

Although the purchasing power of Generation Y is still limited, they’re good at convincing their families to purchase items. We all consulting them before actually buy some products.

The Fastest Way To Reach Them: Social Media

Connect through social media.

The best way to make successful marketing in social media is to get to know the target audience well. However, after determining the right audience, we can create a strategy and add value to the brand.

Social media is undoubtedly the fastest way to reach them because they spend most of their days online and on mobile platforms.

So how can we capture this generation? Considering that the generation Y is a swift and fast-breaking generation, we need to pay attention to the fact that our brand is dynamic on social media.

Continuing to keep track of something they love for months means losing them.

The fact that they stick to the brands they like, we should go with all the social media channels of our brand. The way through the heart of Y Generation is plenty of campaigns and plenty of gifts.

Y Generation Social Media Analysis

Example image of Generation Y.

The rate of liking the page of brands is 40% on Facebook, while Twitter‘s brand followers rate is 18%. While the average number of popular brands on Facebook is 18, one in every 2 users likes the pages of at least 7 brands.

6 out of 10 young people who like these brands prefer to follow their brand shares in a quiet way, while 33% of the users share their user comments;

26% of the users are only reading brand messages. The majority of young people who prefer brands on social media prefer to follow the brand to get information about the brand and to support the brand, while only 8% say they like brand pages for promotions.

Two of the three brands that Y Generation is most likely to follow sportswear and electronic brands. 60% of this generation will pay extra money to time-saving products, while 62% say it is worth paying more money if the product is original and original.

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