How to Take Advantage of Expanded Text Ads? & Google Best Practices with Video

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In order to take advantage of expanded text ads you can follow these guidelines.

  • create ad text that appeals to users across devices.

  • use your character limits wisely

  • focus on your headlines.

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TIPS for Expanded Text Ads

Create Add Text

Create ad text that appeals to users across devices. We found that a compelling call-to-action on one device tends to be compelling on other devices as well.

Find out what’s most compelling about your business and then build your ads around that insight.

Here’s an important consideration. Keywords!

You want to indicate that you have what someone is looking for by speaking directly to her search term.

Customize Mobile Experience

Customizing the experience for mobile users can still be a great thing though.

Direct them to pages of your site that deliver a great experience through mobile-specific URLs.

If you know about any calls to action or offers that work particularly well on mobile devices, take advantage of ad customizers to speak directly to mobile users.

Character Limit

Take full advantage of your character limits. You have 2/30 character headlines, 80 character description line and 2/15 character URL path fields to use that space.

Most importantly, longer headlines increase the clickable space of your text ads.

Focus on Headlines

Your headlines are the clickable space on your text ads.

You have more than twice as many headline characters as were available before. What you put into that space will be a big indicator of how enticing your ad text is.

Big blue headlines are more prominent than your description text. The content and quality of your headlines matters and will determine how well your ads perform.

Headlines should receive the majority of your testing attention.

How to Write Compelling, Genuine Ad Copy?

As you adjust to the new mechanics of expanded text ads, there are certain things to consider when writing your ad copy itself.

Namely, you want to show value to a user without coming across as pushy but how can you do that?

Rethink Your Entire Ad Creative

  • Craft messaging that focuses on user needs and benefits
  • Avoid generic sales language in your ads

To start, expanded text ads are an opportunity to rethink your entire creative.

Your ads have a lot more breathing room which means you can reveal more about yourself to prospective clients.

Whatever ad copy was most successful for you in the old world can and probably should instruct what you do with that new expanded space.

Craft Messaging that Focuses On User-Needs & Benefits

The best way to show value to a user is to think about what their needs are.

Users respond to ads that include concepts that are important to them.

Focus on what a user gets by visiting your site such as reliability or trustworthiness the wide selection and whatever else someone can want before visiting your site.

Although those specific benefits will vary from industry to industry, start the ad copy the process by thinking about your users.

Aside from knowing your own business and knowing your customers, one crucial way to get insight into what users care about is to connect the terms you see in the search terms report with what ad copy is serving.

See what they’re searching for and how you actually speak to that in your ads.

Avoid Generic Sales Language In Your Ads

Use more specific and relatable calls to action. Things like “call us today” create a false sense of urgency.

There’s not really a benefit to the user, so why would they want to call today?

Time-sensitive ads can be great but there has to be a reason for that urgency. Something like sale ends in this many hours through the usage of a countdown ad can be very effective.

Make any urgency earned and then valued.

A final point about calls-to-action:

Make Your Offers to Customers Relatable

Think about where someone is in the buying cycle based on their query. No one a user probably wants to browse and when it seems like they’re actually ready to make a purchase.

There are a few key ways to make your entire ad unit as compelling as possible in the new world of expanded text ads.

  • use ad extensions

  • keyword insertion

  • ad customizers

How to Set Up Your Expanded Text Ads for Success?

A well-written ad is only one component of the ad unit that competes in the action.

There are several steps you can take to give your expanded text ads the best possible chance of success.

3 Things to Make Your Ads More Appealing

  • Ad Extensions

  • Keyword Insertion

  • Ad Customizers

To start, implement all ad extensions that make sense for you. The more the bette but try for different extensions whenever possible.

Ad extensions make your ads more prominent and appealing for users. They’re all designed to complement your text ads.

Multiple extensions can show with your ads, so enable everything that makes sense for your business.

Identify which extensions work for your business and then implement them.

The best combination of these extensions is automatically determined on an auction by auction basis.

The more extension combinations you have available the better chance you have it success at each auction.

One important consideration with your ad extensions is that you might need to update them to avoid overlap with expanded text ads as you rewrite your ad text for expanded text ads.

You’ll most likely be able to include additional benefits that didn’t fit when you had fewer characters.

  • Extensions that repeat what you already say in your ad text won’t serve.

In order to prevent that ensure that your extensions have fresh differentiated content.

You should also feel free to add additional extensions when possible such as with call-outs and site links. That way you won’t need to worry about whether those extensions duplicate existing ads. The system will try to deduplicate on your behalf and cyclone extensions that offer something new to your users.

Next, there are a couple of cool features that can save time for you especially if you have a lot of ads to maintain.

Keyword insertion dynamically updates your ad text to include one of your keywords when it matches a user’s search.

Keyword insertion is best used with tightly themed ad groups where all keywords are perfectly relevant to be ad. Take care that your dynamic insertions don’t cause grammatical errors like mixing plural phrasing with a singular keyword.

You can also use ad customizers to tailor your ads to a user search and make things more compelling.

The countdown feature lets your ads dynamically create a genuine sense of urgency.

Location customizers let a user know that you offer what they want and that it’s nearby and those and many other ways you can make tailored ads that scale across your entire account.

Hope you found this guide useful. Feel free to ask questions and share your experience.

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