Best Time To Send Marketing Emails with Case Studies 2022

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You've heard the saying "timing is everything."

Unfortunately, in marketing, there's no clear-cut way to know when your audience will respond best.

But by studying the behavior of your target market, you can make educated guesses about when they'll be most receptive to your message.

The time of day that you send an email can affect the number of open rates, click-throughs, and sales.

This means knowing when to send your emails can be one of the most important steps in creating an effective email marketing campaign.

We will go over 3 case studies with you to have a better understanding of the best time to send marketing emails.

First, we will go over the case studies, then we will look at the reasons why you should set email timing according to industry and the audience.

Case Study #1: GetResponse

The first case study we will analyze is from GetResponse.

  • 2.85+ million emails
  • The first two quarters of 2020
  • SMB customers
  • 1,000+ contacts

According to GetResponse, no set time’s guaranteed to get you the best results for an email.

Instead, it depends on who you’re sending your message to. It also depends on what kind of email you are trying to send.

They state it’s usually subjective. Therefore, you should keep in mind that every audience is different and every person is different even.

We will look at the global data they provided:

The Best Time To Send An Email: Global

best time to send emails

The global data suggests that sending emails at 4 am or 6 am results in the highest open and click-through rates respectively.

Please also note that only 1.2% of the emails went out at 4 am and 3.95% to 6 am.

Therefore 6 am might be a better time compared to 4 am if you think your audience is likely to read an email at 6 am.

The Best Days to Send Emails: Global

best days to send emails

According to global data, the best day for open rates is Friday, and the best day for click-through rate is Tuesday.

However, if you examine the graph, you can see that days of the week do not affect the open rate or CTR dramatically.

graph for best days

Only the weekends show a difference since the % of messages also dropped, there is no clear difference between the days.

Friday had an average open rate of 20.58% which is only 0.73% more than Thursday- which has the lowest rate.

Case Study #2: CampaignMonitor

The second case study we will analyze is from CampaignMonitor.

  • 100 billion emails
  • January and December 2020

Average Email Benchmarks For All Industries

average email benchmarks

First of all, we will see the average email benchmarks for all industries by CampaignMonitor:

CampaignMonitor analysis stated that the industries with the highest open rates are:

  • Education 24.9%
  • Government and Politics 26.7%
  • Nonprofit 25.5%

And unfortunately, industries with the lowest open rates are:

  • Retail 12.6%
  • Food and Beverages 15.2%
  • Travel, Hospitality, Leisure 17.7%

Advertising and Marketing email open rates are 18.5%. And the average open rate is 18%.

Therefore, we can see that advertising and marketing email open rates are above the average.

What about CTR (Click- Through Rate)?

The same study shows that the industries with the highest CTR are:

  • Education 4.3%
  • Government and Politics 6%
  • Nonprofit 4.1%

The same study shows that the industries with the lowest CTR are:

  • Retail 1.1%
  • Food and Beverages 1.7%
  • Travel, Hospitality, Leisure 2%

Advertising and Marketing email CTR is 2.3 %. And the average CTR is 2.6%.

Therefore, we can see that advertising and marketing email CTR is 0.3% below the average.

Government and Politics CTR is noticeably higher with 6% since people would avoid missing important information or a notice from the government.

Average Email Benchmarks By Day

friday data

CampaignMonitor also analyzes the performances of the campaigns by day. The result? Friday is the winner for 3 categories.

  • Best day with highest email open rates: Friday (18.9%)
  • Best days with highest click-through rates: Friday (2.7%)
  • Best days with highest click-to-open rates: Wednesday and Friday (14.4%)

Friday is the best day for sending mails, what about the least preferred day?

According to the date, Saturday is the worst day with the lowest email open rates (17.3) and CTR (2.4%).

The lowest click-to-open rate is the lowest on Tuesday. ( 13.5%)

saturday data

When looking at both studies, we can see that Friday was chosen as the best day to send emails in both of these.

Again, this does not mean you should solely focus your email campaigns on Friday.

This study is also based on real data but you should consider running email tests and always keep in mind that your target audience.

Case Study #3: Omnisend

Let’s continue with our third study, Omnisend. They performed a different study showing which days of the month are preferable for sending marketing emails.

First day of the month? In the middle of the month?

Best Days of the Month For Sending Emails


According to the data, the 5th, 7th, and 12th days of the month are averaged best open rates and click-through rates.

Therefore, you can assume that the first half of the month is more suitable for sending newsletters, promotions, and any kind of marketing emails than the second half of the month.

We all know that open rates and click-through rates are important for your business.

Open rates help you gauge how many people are seeing the content or products you’re sending out to them, while click-through rates let you know if they found what they were looking for.

Conversions are even more important than those metrics since conversions help your business grow and expand.

Omnisend also includes order rates in their study.

Let’s see how the order amounts change during the month:

Average Number of Orders Per Email Campaign

orders for month

The data below shows that emails sent during the first 10 days of the month consistently outperform those sent at other times of the month.

orders for month detailed

According to Omnisend's study, there is no certain reason or reason that causes this result.

One possible reason might be pay schedules that limit customers' purchase of something.

The Best Days of the Week to Send Emails

Unlike the other two studies that we mentioned above, the Omnisend study suggested that Thursdays are the best days to send marketing emails.

They state that the best days for orders are Thursday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.

More campaign emails are sent on Friday yet Thursday has more orders than Friday.

orders days

According to the research, the least favorable days for sending marketing emails are Monday and Saturday.

If you have a weekly newsletter, you may want to choose any other day to send it for more accurate results.

Omnisend also points out that these results do not necessarily mean that if you have any campaign that is specific for the day - such as Black Friday campaigns, you don't have to force yourself to launch it on Thursday.

The Best Time to Send Emails

Omnisend's study states that email open performance is related to the customers’ workdays and routines.

The study suggests that 8 AM is the best time to send campaign emails, followed by 1 PM and 4 PM.

time in a day

8 AM is the perfect time to to maximize your open rates since the open rate is 20.3% and the click through rate is 7.8%.

8am data

4pm data

Another great time to send marketing emails is 10 AM yet it does not lead to a great number of orders.

10 AM emails have an open rate of 19.83% and the average order rate is 4.66 for these email campaigns.

Customers may not want to spend any money in the morning.

Why You Should Consider Your Industry Before Sending Marketing Emails?

All studies show that there is no certain time or day to send emails to your audience.

There are other things you should consider before sending marketing emails.

One of these factors is industry.

We mentioned before that each industry has different open and click-through rates.

With that, you need to follow different strategies for different industries.

Sendinblue has another study to prove that each industry has different “best times”.

Let us show you shortly:

  • For E-commerce:

The best day to send email campaigns for ecommerce is Wednesday.

The best time to send email campaigns for ecommerce is 10:00 AM.

  • For Software/SaaS:

The best day to send email campaigns for SaaS is Wednesday.

The best time to send email campaigns for SaaS is 2:00 – 3:00 PM

  • For Marketing Services:

The best day to send email campaigns for marketing services is Wednesday.

The best time to send email campaigns for marketing services is 4:00 PM

  • For Offline Retail:

The best day to send email campaigns for retail is Thursday. The best time to send email campaigns for retail is 8:00 – 10:00 AM

Why You Should Consider Your Audience Before Sending Marketing Emails?

Marketing emails are a great way to reach your audience, but if you're not sending relevant, targeted information they can easily be ignored.

The key to successful marketing emails is understanding your target audience, specifically if you are a B2C business.

Once you know who your buyers are and what they want, it's easy to create an email campaign designed to make them take action.

Your target audiences’ ages are also important, if you want to sell computer games, for instance, you might not have any issue with getting orders in the 10 PM email.

Therefore, know that every audience is different, every person in that audience is different even.

Know your audience better to get better results from your marketing emails.

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