12 Best E-commerce Podcasts to Keep Your Knowledge Updated

For those of you who have searched for the best e-commerce podcasts on Spotify or Apple Music, only to become overwhelmed by the variety of choices and not knowing where to even begin, this article is a good place to start.

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A decent internet connection and a good ecommerce podcast are all you need to learn about valuable insights into online sales while running, cooking, or even driving to your office.

In this article, we share the best e-commerce podcasts you can access via different platforms to keep up with industry trends and stay ahead of the competition.

What is a Podcast?

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A podcast is a type of audio content that is usually a series of discussions between one or more hosts on various topics.

From featuring special guests, sharing stories, discussing news, history, and sports, to even in-depth eCommerce topics, there's something for everyone in the podcast world.

In fact, many great e-commerce podcasts feature or are hosted by industry experts who are happy to share their personal experiences and tips with listeners.

Best E-commerce Podcasts to Listen in 2022

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There are many marketing podcasters on the internet. Some have more than 300 episodes; others are up-and-coming shows with one or two.

The common thing about all the podcasts that made our list is that they bring something valuable to the table.

From how to use Pinterest for the e-commerce business to effective surprise and delight marketing campaigns, you'll find everything you need to know.

Below are listed some of the most popular and informative e-commerce podcasts you can listen to.

1. EcommerceFuel

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The eCommerceFuel podcast is one of the most popular podcasts on our list, hosted by Andrew Youderian, a successful online retailer.

The podcast gives listeners meaningful insights from eCommerce experts on starting and growing a digital commerce business.

Ecommerce Fuel focuses on the success stories of eCommerce entrepreneurs and their brand's journey and has a variety of content to help you learn everything from the basics to the most advanced concepts.

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2. Ecommerce Evolution

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Ecommerce Evolution is an interview-based podcast covering the latest eCommerce trends and best practices.

Most episodes feature the host interviewing merchants, vendors, and experts in the eCommerce industry.

In addition to highlighting ways to boost monthly revenue and retain customers, the host also provides insights into marketing practices and other ways to grow your eCommerce business.

This podcast is for you if you're looking for data-driven strategies to improve your eCommerce business.

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3. My Wife Quit Her Job

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My Wife Quit Her Job is another creative and exciting podcast hosted by Steve Chou on our list.

Just as you can guess by its name, the podcast focuses on entrepreneurs who quit their jobs to start online businesses.

This podcast follows the journey of Steve Chou's wife as an ecommerce entrepreneur and provides complete guidance on how to start an ecommerce business, including the challenges you'll face.

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4. Future Commerce

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The Future Commerce podcast is a must-listen for anyone hoping to stay relevant in the ecommerce business.

This weekly podcast discusses the far-reaching impacts of consumerism, capitalism, and modernity in DTC, retail, marketplaces, and beyond.

Future Commerce features interviews and insights from eCommerce experts and startup founders shaping the retail industry and is worth tuning in for.

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5. 2X Ecommerce

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Hosted by Kunle Campbell, an ecommerce growth advisor, 2X Ecommerce is another top-notch resource for practical business advice.

In addition to providing a comprehensive guide to scaling your ecommerce business, the podcast provides its listeners with up-to-date tools and resources to help them.

This podcast features interviews with leading entrepreneurs and focuses primarily on growing metrics like conversions, average order value, traffic, and ultimately revenue growth.

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6. Total Retail Talks

a screenshot of Total Retail website, one of the best ecommerce podcast showing the latest episode of the show and links to listen to the podcast from different platforms

Dedicated to retail executives who seek knowledge and insights needed to stay relevant in today's fast-paced industry, Total Retail Talks is the perfect podcast for them.

Featuring interviews and engaging talks with retailers, this podcast allows the listener to gain valuable information from industry retailers, influencers, and leaders over the years.

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7. Shopify Masters

a screenshot of Shopify masters website, one of the best ecommerce podcast showing the recent episodes of the show

With Shopify producing $79.5 billion in gross merchandise volume in recent years, there's no doubt you need to learn all about this fantastic platform, but how? You can start by listening to the Shopify Masters podcast.

Shopify Masters is an official Shopify podcast featuring stories and experiences from leading eCommerce entrepreneurs and industry experts.

Each week, the podcast host Felix Thea invites successful entrepreneurs on Shopify to share motivational advice on how to build an eCommerce business like a pro.

From how to grow your online shop email list to building a sustainable future for your business, you'll learn everything you need to know on this podcast.

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8. The Unofficial Shopify

a screenshot of the Kurt Elster website, the host of the best ecommerce podcast show called The Unofficial Shopify with a gaming theme and a black background

The next podcast on our list is The Unofficial Shopify podcast, presented by Kurt Elster, a Shopify Plus Partner and senior eCommerce consultant.

Despite not being endorsed, authorized, or sponsored by Shopify, the Unofficial Shopify Podcast is a good source for learning from discussions on ecommerce growth tactics and strategies of successful ecommerce online retailers.

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9. The Growth Show by HubSpot

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Hubspot, a pioneer in e-commerce marketing, offers a podcast called "The Growth Show", exploring the inspiring stories behind how people grow a business, an idea, or a movement.

This e-commerce podcast focuses on current business trends and essentials for anyone who wants to strengthen their business strategy.

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10. Playing for Keeps

a screenshot of playing for keeps ecommerce podcast on Apple podcast showing the logo and description and the lated episodes of the show

The next best e-commerce podcast on our list is β€œPlaying for Keeps,” presented by Kristen LaFrance.

The host's specialty is interviewing top subscription businesses about their success stories and new strategies for retaining customers in a competitive market.

Anyone looking to grow their subscription-based business will benefit from this content.

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11. Ecommerce Lifestyle

a screenshot of ecommerce lifestyle podcast website showing an image of the host on the left side and the links to listen to the podcats from different platforms with their logos

Featuring weekly interviews with ecommerce industry leaders, Ecommerce Lifestyle is an excellent podcast by Anton Kraly that focuses on helping store owners increase revenue and automate their operations.

Anton knows his way around the topic and interviews top store owners about how they created financial freedom in their businesses, a goal many listeners strive to achieve.

Whether you're a beginner or an ecommerce expert, this podcast will provide insight into operating an ecommerce business and teaches you all the best practices for acquiring more customers and improving customer retention.

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12. eCommerce MasterPlan

a screenshot of eCommerce masterplan podcast website with the logo of the show and links to listen to the podcats from different platforms with their logos

Last but not least, on our best e-commerce podcast list, we have β€œeCommerce MasterPlan,” explaining cutting-edge products and strategies that move the needle for eCommerce.

A short, snappy 30-minute episode shares an inspiring real-life ecommerce story every week with Chloe Thomas.

With actionable advice on getting new customers, tech recommendations, and time-saving strategies, listeners will learn about providing a better customer experience and support to acquire loyal customers.

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Make the Most Out of Your Free Time with Podcasts

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Podcasts are one of the leading tools in the world of eCommerce education right now, and what is even better, most of them are free.

Clearly, the Internet is full of ecommerce podcasts that can potentially help you grow your business and make the most of existing resources.

These 12 best e-commerce podcasts listed here can give your business a leg-up on the competition and help you stay ahead of trends before competitors do.

It is best to spend a few minutes finding the right podcast for you rather than being overwhelmed by all the choices. It's worth your time to find the show that works for you out of all the incredible shows available.

Try to tune in at least once a week or whenever you have time.

E-commerce is constantly evolving, so there’s no better way to catch up than with this in-depth knowledge.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Does Shopify Have a Podcast?

Yes, it does! You'll find the Shopify Masters podcast hosted by Felix Thea and Shuang Esther Sha on our list, an official Shopify podcast that teaches platform updates and keeps you informed on the latest trends.

How Can I Listen to E-commerce Podcasts Online?

Most e-commerce podcasts are available on popular streaming platforms such as Spotify, Apple Podcasts, or Google Podcasts. They also have a website where you can listen to them for free.

How Can I Make the Most of E-Commerce Podcast?

To get the best out of them, one of the best things to do is listen to e-commerce podcasts on your way to work to learn the latest trends and insights.

Also, you can listen to podcasts in your free time or when you're bored with repeatedly listening to the same album.

Moreover, multitasking while listening to podcasts, like cooking or cleaning, is another way to maximize your productivity.

Can I Listen to Podcasts for Free?

Yes, you can; Podcasts are for free in most cases. Occasionally, there are subscription fees for some of the platforms like Spotify, but the content is usually free and interspersed with ads. Sometimes, hosts include links for loyal listeners to contribute or be a supporter of their podcast, but it is not mandatory.

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