%26 Sales Conversions with 420,62 Sales / Case Study – App Samurai

App Samurai cover picture.

As a mobile user acquisition platform, App Samurai aims to reach global growth, acquire more engaged users, and carry apps to success with effective mobile advertising campaigns. They run acquisition campaigns, boost campaigns, or/and video campaigns to see immediate results on rankings and organic growth!

AppSamurai team wanted to increase the conversion rates of their website. Finally, they came to PopupSmart to see the options. They wanted something easy and practical to use.

We offered EXIT-INTENT POPUPS to give what they expect.

Let’s describe the steps for you.

  • Problem:

App Samurai provides quality services. However, they didn’t have a powerful method to build an email list. Of course, it’s not possible to grow an email list if you don’t have one of high quality.

  • Solution:

We had a deep analysis onAppSamurai’s web page and we decided to use exit-intent popup to increase conversion rates. We made it with our smart popups and custom opt-in forms.

  • Results:

Illustration of App Samurai brand.

Gladly, Exit-intent popups had magnificent effects on conversion rates.

We had shown an exit-intent popup to 101.553 people and received 3.809 opt-in form after a month.

With the help of this process, we had %26 sales conversion. That means collecting their subscriber list, gained favor with 420,62 sales after a month.