The Advanced Guide for Growth Hacking / Proven Methods & Examples

After reading the following article, you’ll have been learned growth hacking strategies and growth hacking techniques, growth hacking tools and finally, you’ll see the successful growth hacking examples from well-known names.

Growth Hacking has recently become the most sought-after term. If you want to grow extremely quick and get millions of users and sales, you absolutely should learn Growth Hacking processes that give you more users and more sales!

What is Growth Hacking?

So, what is growth hacking? Growth hacking is a method of quickly testing and performing marketing and promotional tactics that are only centered on effective and fast market growth. The phrase was coined in 2010 by Sean Ellis, CEO, and founder of Growth Hackers. Growth hacking reaches conclusions FAST, with minimum expense.

Answer of what is growth hacking.

Sean has supported lots of internet businesses reach unbelievable growth, and a few of them even had an initial public offering. Unnecessary to tell, he became the man like a valley that had to go to whenever businesses demanded to expand their user amount, and he would take equity and payment in exchange for his services. Sean essentially became a one-man growth shop, setting up systems, processes, and mindsets, that could be maintained after he left. Ultimately, he would hand over the keys to his growth machine to someone else, and he would ride off into the sunset.

Generally startup firms want to take fast result use the growth hacking techniques but actually, growth hacking is compatible with all types of foundations to have successful growth businesses.

Fast-growing social networking website like Facebook has achieved millions of users in a few years using growth hacking strategies:

Growth Hacking Facebook example.

To learn more information about growth hacking strategies, you can get Sean Ellis Growth Hacking Book!

Who are Growth Hackers?

As the first Growth Hackers, Sean Ellis has described growth hackers as “a person whose true north is growth.”

To define the growth hackers’ working style and aims of their studies, unlike traditional marketers, who may have a general opinion and be concerned about things like brand awareness or PR, growth hackers are only and only interested in strategies and tactics that encourage growth. However, if the tactics DON’T have the potential to grow, they aren’t interested.

Therefore, lots of organizations today have different types of team members, such as growth marketers, growth engineers, product managers, and other positions.

18 Precise Growth Hacking Strategies Infographic

18 Precise Growth Hacking Strategies Infographic

We like sharing our knowledge with our visitors! You are very welcome to use our infography on your own website for presenting a excellent infographic about how to determine growth hacking strategies and apply them to your business.

How Does Growth Hacking Work?

Before you learn the necessary information about growth hacking, you must prepare yourself and your businesses for this process. For this reason, you need to determine the few things:

1. Do You Know Your Customers or Their Needs?

While starting, it’s necessary to make search whether the product fit the market. That is to say, you should make yourself sure that your outstanding products meet your customer’s needs.

To do this, you should understand your customers. The suggestions are:

1. Customer’s gender, age, education, location (to determine the customer segmentation.) 2. Where they go for information outside of you. 3. Whatever their values are, and also their goals, difficulties, and the hurt points that your product enables to solve.

Growth Hacking customer avatar worksheet

By collecting this type of information from your customers, you can optimize your growth hacking strategies for your ideal customers.

2. What is Customer Journey Map?

However, there is another point there that is named Customer Journey Mapping. You have to learn what makes your customer is the REAL customer with the customer journey mapping that generally removes from awareness to evaluation finally to conversion.

Growth Hacking customer journey map

3. Does Your Site Support Conversion?

The conversion-centered plan is a different essential point for growth hacking. It makes it understandable for your visitors; therefore, they can:

1. Get the information demanded to catch the following action in their interplay with you 2. Possess an opportunity to engage with you 3. Recognize the social evidence that builds your professions and authorization.

Growth Hacking conversion optimization.

You’ll also require to recognize any challenges preventing visitors from converting. Click to learn more things about conversion rate optimization.

After determining your customer profile, customer journey, and your website compatibility with conversion, you are ready to dig down deep of Growth Hacking!

4. How Should Set Your Goals to Grow?

After understanding the customers, creating your customer journey and check your site, finally, only Bright Goals are required. These should be:

1. Special 2. Measurable 3. Obtainable 4. Related 5. Periodical

Briefly, you should determine your Real Goals NOT image the impossible. Decide which is suitable for your business and how it supports your growth. Don’t forget none of the aims exists forever, you should limit your time to obtain your goals.

Growth Hacking Funnels

As I’ve mentioned above, growth hackers have a tendency to build strategies for businesses so that they can grow. Therefore, they determine the necessary priorities to start the companies, achieving new customers, improve, apply, and check all ideas to support them to be successful for their strategies.

To make a good strategy, you should determine a successful measurement scale. Therefore, growth hackers use the “pirate metrics” that is the 5-step metrics model, initial version of AARRR. They consist of five stages of the growth hacking funnel:

Growth Hacking Metrics.

AARRR is an excellent structure to support you better guesses your customers. It helps you hold your funnel and allow you to optimize it for the better one.

Because of being handy metrics, you can quickly adapt AARRR and apply them to your business. That’s why the metrics funnel is so tremendous and functional because it doesn’t need any technical information.

Let’s learn more about the stages!

1. Acquisition Stage

The acquisition is the first metrics (A) in the AARRR structure, explains how people find you where ever you are and finally make customers. According to the framework’s rule, each way that somebody may possibly find your businesses may be thought an acquisition stages.

The acquisition is the first touch with the customers and your products or website. Therefore, your marketing strategies should be sharpened this point, and you should successfully extract a visitor from what they are startlingly doing so that you can catch their attention by applying customer acquisition strategies.

They probably may visit your homepage and landing page, and click somewhere and perhaps even read your blogs.

To not misuse of acquisition metric like by saying “We have 10,000 visitors a month!” only except you’re in the publishing market of trading page-views to promoters for CPM meaning that telling those items just makes you sound like you don’t yet know the value of your visitors or channel(s).

Your acquisition amounts should start point to examine which one of your channels are best for operating.

2. Activation Stage

The Acquisition stage is all-around awareness, including addressing the appropriate people for your website and product, utilizing some easy metrics to follow the fundamental users’ actions. Activation is the next step for it.

Into the activation stage, you’ll focus on conversions. Precisely, you should consider the main conversion rate metrics that detect the achievement of specific channels and campaigns, instead of high-level or micro-conversions. You would work the conversion from your homepage to the signup page because of that your starting point, but you should organize your entire funnel with your analytics tool.

An activated user comes to your website for your acquisition works. Then they show that they can view the worth of your products and they demand to receive more information about it. Lastly, they decided to try your products or maybe talk to anyone else about your business. This is all reflected your activation conversion results.

Activation stage is the starting of a bond with your customer. Because before it, they’re only examining your products or services and your opponents before they take a specific decision that enables you to start instantly compelling with them.

For the measurement process, activation can be calculated the number of visitors who make a fancied activity such as signing up for your newsletter or demanding a trial. Therefore, you can make a smooth conversion formula by dividing the number of ‘active users’ by the number of visitors who have come to your site.

3. Retention Stage

When you’ve got a group of users, and as they’ve all experienced your products, you precisely should concentrate on gaining these users returning regularly.

As long as you sell high-ticket items, you cannot create a new job with your new customers who are just buying one product. Thus, you can easily understand why retention is so significant in this term. I can say that retention can be a King.

However, following the retention stage is changeable for each market.

For instance, if your work is about a mobile app company that always allows their users a free game and depending on revenues that comes from advertising, you should pursue how many users will return and start to use the application every next day. Retention stage is essential because advertising revenue will only rise with your volume, so getting users that match “sticky” is the defended way to grow the free application.

Or if you’re in the e-commerce market that trains in trading wintertime clothes, you should estimate how many clients will turn back every winter for new clothes like jackets or other things.

4. Referral Stage

Referrals will be especially between 2 people who know each other, are the greatest conversion rates that you will get in your website and have the chance to increase your users exponentially.

Making users into the referral stages indicates that they are not just like your product, but they believe that their connections and associates would also utilize from this position.

They desire to be that person to have accountability for them finding this position. When their connection, associate or fellow is enthusing about how great your product is in 3 or 6 months, these people will be ended the event with “Yeah, She told me about it, thank her to this.”

Of course, there are other hacks for referral’s too – they may be more transactional. Dropbox is a famous instance to explain this: lead a friend, and they’ll freely provide you with more space storage in your account. Therefore, the right transactional awards operate well for consumer products.

When you consider the referral stage in detailed, you can see that there’s some critical point to guarantee you must possess some mechanisms. For example, share buttons, promo codes, affiliate links, “powered by”, invite a colleague… etc. When you have at least one of these, you should make A/B split testing and control your referrals’ situations.

5. Revenue Stage

When you’re a venture startup that’s only concentrating on services or products and growing, you require high sales and marketing tactics to create good revenues.

But not all types of revenue is estimated the similar way, and following top- and bottom-line income is risky for growing your business. Most firms only pursue revenue entirely, instead of divide revenue each client, or finding which clients are at the break-even position for your profitableness and which people aren’t. Whole measurements enable businesses to give suitable messages to any client to grow revenue and reduce missed selling possibilities.

In addition to this, firms that are understandable of their results may create good marketing, and sales funnel that enables them to follow discharge and profitability per channel, instead of leaning on basic cost-per-lead or cost-per-acquisition metrics.

However, if you ignore to estimate your revenue each customer and each channel, you are never capable of efficiently distribute your budget correctly, and critical, it looks like that you can fly in your business but blindly.

Growth Hacking Funnels Infographic

Growth Hacking Funnels Infographic Representation

We like sharing our knowledge with our visitors! You are very welcome to use our infography on your own website for presenting a excellent infographic about what growth hacking funnels are and what happens in each stage.

Growth Hacking Strategies

Although growth hacking strategies can develop for the needs of the business, you’ll introduce 6 of them that works very well.

Let’s look at them!

1. Growing Email List

Email marketing is the exactly right way to build an association with your visitors and may assist them to have been subscribers and then customers. Also, its effect of ROI is astounding. According to the search about email marketing, it is estimated that you can make $44 in revenue for each dollar you use.

Amounts of email marketing's ROI.

Another great side of email marketing that can be affordable. For instance, when you start to work with MailChimp, for first 2000 user, you can send emails freely. After that, you can always prefer to use these ones in email marketing services.

However, growing your email list is another area to work and usually are slow running.

Do you need a growth hacking that’ll your subscribers wasting no time?

So, you’ll require to create an exit intent popup campaign with a lead magnet like:

PopupSmart Example of exist intent campaign.

Lead magnets are an inspiration for marketers to offer their possible customers in change for their email address or also other contact data. Therefore, lead magnets usually suggest a piece of digital, downloadable source, such as a free eBook, documentation in PDF, articles… etc.

Exit Intent recognizes the users’ reaction and assists them with the regulated campaigns at the correct time, like before leaving.

Example of lead magnet for exist intent. Creating these types of popups are so easy, you can only visit Popupsmart and then discover the different types of lead magnets, exist-intent popups and so on…

Then, only wait how your Visitors BECOME your Subscribers.

2. Share Awarding Things

Social media users are incredibly increasing day by day around the worldwide, and it pushes people to take sensible decision to announce the word in their networks.

Ranks of most popular social networks in 2018.

This provides you with a new range of people, it means a new social area and a new way for businesses.

But totally people have not pleased to announce the word on social media because it doesn’t always be enough. They usually think like that “What is it for me?

By awarding them for the shares, you are immediately aware of your brand proliferation on media alike wildfires.

Groupon is a specific example of it. If people don’t help them by sharing their news, they probably not catch their opportunities.

Image of Groupon's deal spreader.

For another example, if you are using Shopify, you possibly know the apps like Social Marketing All in One to request clients to share the products and when clients accept to do this, as quickly as they award them by a discount.

3. Provide Freemium

People always prefer to make some things free, particularly when this’s become a valuable kit of specialties. Therefore, the freemium products are the better way for you to attract possible reviewers’ attention as they have not to pay to experience it.

And the way of giving freemium products will provide you with complete specialties so that the users can catch on practicing the product and maybe think the upgrade. For example, Collect form submission with popups is a good solution that allows strong contact form details freely, but same time you must update for specific beneficial features.

5. Supply Your Products to Bloggers to Review

As you know, giving free products to influencer bloggers (we can name them like that) in trade for collecting reflections can be a good method to take the opinion about your products.

You can find many companies apply that growth hacking strategy. For example, you can probably have a coincidence with one web hosting that provides the basic hosting plans for free in exchange for an impartial review. Or another competitor firm gives premium services for some months in exchange to review.

It can be accepted a smart growth hacking strategies as sending products to review permits people certainly know your products’ features in detailed and then they have a chance to make the promotion of them, even better, supporting you to GROW. A circuit of it only is urging people to share in your blog in an interchange with the free account. Also, this is a great method for Obtaining Content and Free Promoted Products.

To achieve this growth hacking strategy:

  • Search on Google for bloggers who make product and service reviews like yours.
  • Use the smart influencer search tools to see how they are influential and do a free search by login inning with social media channels like Twitter.

Example of smart influencer search tools.

  • Search their URL’s into BuzzSumo to notice whether their blogs are shared, you can see the example below.
  • Finally find a way to touch on with them like email, of course without being hasty and oppressive.

BuzzSumo also places as an excellent “Growth Hacking Tools.”

Buzzsumo Screenshot that shows shared content

6. Expand Range with Advertising

With compared to all kinds of ads, the charge of social advertising almost a little, that is the reason why I’ve added this into the growth strategies list.

Cost graph of social media ads.

Because of the addressing very large amount of audiences in every global marketing industry, reaching huge potential audiences is almost inevitable. Also, you can really select these audiences as a core one.

For example, when you generate posts or maybe a video on Facebook, only by using the “Boost” button, you can access the advertising interface. Therefore, you can select your potential audience, budget, and advertising continuation before presenting your advertising to view. If this is confirmed, you are easily enabled to examine whether it is done right, and finally, you can receive an email report about the advertisement.

As an example, PostPlanner’s Scott Ayres can be given because it earned $2400 with sales after paying just $20 on promoting a post.

Value of Post Planner boosting studies.

If you want to boost your post and make sales like the successful examples, use this way as a different kind of marketing. To do this:

  • Define your goal, such as increasing engagement on Facebook.
  • Determine the right audience to reach.
  • Finally, determine the metrics that you want to be successful such as having more people who visit your site and connection.

7. Creating a Free Tool

Do you want a proven growth hacking strategy to encourage people to realize your organization? Make a free tool is completely beneficial.

For instance, there’s an online editorial calendar from CoSchedule that designed the Headline Analyzer, which provides people with using free so long as you sign up their email list. When people are in this list, the company has a chance to make surprise their subscribers with content marketing tactics, advertise the importance of their funded service, and also give them the opportunity to examine it.

Example of schedule headline analyzer.

With the completely free cookie consent creator tool we have created, we provide awareness by serving thousands of sites.

9 Crucial Growth Hacking TOOLS


As I’ve said above, BuzzSumo is also a well-known tool to follow shares on social media to find influencers and not only this, but it also encourages people to concentrate on every influencer in their those sharers. It is significant because as I’ve told you for in growth hacking strategies, social media is a great referral tool. According to Statista, Facebook drove 18.16% of referral traffic.

Therefore, if you want to practice on referrals for growth hacking your market, you should exactly use to get them, and BuzzSumo makes it easy for you.

Details to see influencers, you follow the step, write any type of content in BuzzSumo Results Page, click View Shares next to the title. Thus you’ll see information on your Twitter engagement, its domain authority and so on. This information helps you to start what types of influencer marketing campaign that you should do.

Image of Buzzsumo homepage

Constant Contact

Different great growth hacking tool for you is Constant Contact, which is at the peak in the WPBeginner’s list for the greatest services for email marketing.

Image of constant contact marketing homepage.

Constant Contact is excellent for people who are new in email marketing, with comprehensive online practice, enormous library resources, and regional webinars. Their help is second to none and involves email, live chat, and an engaged population of users.

Google Analytics

The best way to choose to get customer activation is by identifying how it is engaging with customers you’ve already had. That explains why we need any analytics tool, and we can’t deny the Google Analytics role for here because it’s free!

Image of google analytics.

You can get information about your audiences, their attitudes, purposes, and conversions, Google Analytics helps you to:

  • Show how the visitors use your site with their flows.
  • Find where in the site that they faced restrictions while utilizing your product or maybe making wanted actions.
  • Learn which pages are working great, and of course, poorest.


You’ve learned before how emails are valuable to have a successful business, and Hunter is one the favorite tool that assists you to reach the easiest way to find the influencers you want.

Hunter homepage.

Hunter gives you search chance by email addresses by just writing domain name. This’s so simple, isn’t it? Because you can send an email to all people that you want to contact instantly, instead of by following classical procedures like writing a contact form or using the general email address.


Email marketing, there is another fundamental strategy that is invincible ROI. This explains why you require to add as an email marketing in your growth hacking tool list. MailChimp is the best suggestion as it gives you opportunities to send emails more than 2000 users or sends 12,000 emails monthly without paying.

Other MailChimp services:

  • A range of email newsletter templates.
  • Email workflows to pre-built.
  • An authority to assist you in designing emails.
  • An expanded information base.

Example templates of MailChimp.


Image of ManyChat homepage.

Facebook Messenger campaigns enable you great conversion rates, but who can have time being online 24 hours during a day? If you want to have a new chance that provides you with engaging without asleep, a Facebook Messenger bot can work for you, and at the same time, ManyChat is an excellent method to deliver them.

As you guess, ManyChat acts together Facebook Messenger so that you can interact with your customers even if you are not there. Actually, it is a good time-saving tool for very busy Growth Hackers, and another good point is producing your first bot is for free. Don’t afraid because you don’t have to learn codes, because Drag & Drop Interface of ManyChat enables you to make your bot.


SEMrush has many qualified functions that are because it involved every list of growth hacking tools. As it is a specifically comprehensive tool that concentrates on SEO and search engine marketing.

SEMrush highlights 2 key points and if you want to use them, be aware of to control the other SEMrush’s offers. They’re sure that they can increase your visibility and grow lead generation.

There is a good way to use SEMrush that is its Site Audit tool. It provides you with an overall view of your website well-being and other issues that all make it less efficient. SEMrush also gives you suggestions about addressing concerns. Therefore, by using SEMrush, you’ll make the site better to use both you and your customers.

Image of SEMrush site audit.

Secondly, you can use SEMrush for your specific aims like competitors research with its Organic Research tool. It allows you to control keywords that have traffic to your opponents. By using this information, you are well informed about what is your targeted market care, and you’ll make your own content is well-optimized to win-back the traffic.

Ebay example for SEMrush organic search tool.


Because of being the best way to gain customer and make them active users by promoting the products and showing how can they use them, Youtube is another favorable tool. Forbes says that 90% of customers report that product videos help them make purchasing decisions, and 64% of customers are more likely to buy a product online after watching a video about it.

Image of YouTube homepage.

If you read our video content marketing post, you can see detailed information about video marketing and will understand YouTube proves itself for this strategy. Also, you notice that these videos make your sales and lead better because as the researchers say, Youtube is now pulling in over 1.8 billion users every month.

By having a YouTube channel that shows your onboardings and tutorials videos, you can increase your customer acquisition and retention in your growth hacking metrics. As I said before, retention is important elements to be successful by reducing.

Also, you can share them on your blog page or other social media platforms, and that makes YouTube multi-functional growth hacking tool.

Sidenote: It is possible to boost your conversions and YouTube views with a video popup. You can use Popupsmart popup builder to create one for your website in minutes!


Zoom is an example of growth hacking tool.

Do you imagine that by running webinars you can convert your users who have free trials to paid subscriptions or by encouraging paid customers, give them an upgraded version for the next step?

Of course, YOU DO!

Because Branded Solopreneur says that between 2-5% of webinar attendees make purchasing, and it makes Webinars is an excellent growth hacking tool.

There are many webinar marketing software to run, but Zoom can be thought the best one. Because it has many advantages such as working very well by running webinars and meetings and furthermore, it serves for free up to 100 participants and calling of up to 40 minutes. Also, because of having a built-in recording feature, it allows you to record webinar so as to work later to lead generation.

Growth Hacking Examples / Case Studies

After understanding all key points of Growth Hacking, now it is the time to give a specific example which are used the Growth Hacking strategies and tools and became more successful.

There’s a much well-known company on the list, you can consider them as a case study and then determine the points for your marketing strategies.

Let’s look at the successful examples!

Airbnb Case

Like every company, when Airbnb was started, it had more and more customer, providers and also it wanted to build its status and have a good reputation. As you understand, Airbnb reached everything that wanted to do it. But How?

In those times, people who were looking for accommodation at reasonable prices usually used Craigslist to find. With the integration, AirBnB became a talented way to give their accommodation providers by copying just a click the list to Craiglist and confirm their lists and finally, post them as an accommodation advertisement. This provides AirBnB great result because the Airbnb is the right way to access the exactly targeted customers and the market.

AirBnB is a successful example of growth hacking!

Facebook Case

You can think that Facebook is everywhere because of having more than 2 billion users. However, that’s not completely true, and so Facebook makes its growth hacks to create the user base.

Facebook firstly promoted itself to new users with the purpose of importing their contacts in emails. Next, the contacts who were tagged on Facebook by the users received notifications emails. The goal was to bring some of these people to Facebook and even more to sign up from their own accounts.

Image of tagging on Facebook.

Freshdesk Case

Freshdesk is the SAAS customer support helpdesk. The founder and CEO of Freshdesk have been inspired by an article that he read. The article was about a company that raised its prices and made customers unhappy. Therefore, he finally had decided to create something in the customer support market delivered as SAAS.

Beside foundation process, by budgeting ads on Adwords, Facebook and LinkedIn with $10, $25 and $50 and writing blogs, he spent $350 and obtained more than 150 valid signups.

Image of Freshdesk customer support software.

Now, he has his own team, 6 people and they have been working for approximately 5K! They have raised $250m!

Groove Case

Do you want to GROW while being a straight attitude with your customers? Doing like this gained Groove, a company that is the value of $5 million a year. Although they have worked around many methods of content marketing, Groove was aware that the company required an essential marketing strategy.

The methods of Groove didn’t share the real numbers because the other blog never shared the real difficulties and numbers of a SaaS Company while growing. Therefore, Groove used it as a tactic, and then they honestly started to share their experiences with their users. As a result of this, they now have a huge amount of user base.

Groove is growth hacking example.

However, they continued for more. During the process, they cared about their users’ opinions. Therefore, they took feedback from its users about their any needs of information and then generate new content about its. Also, Groove has used an influencer marketing strategy by sharing specific content. Plus while Groove has been growing at the same time, it can pay Transparency because of earning from its reviews, interviews, and other promotional events.

Hotmail Case

Now, you’ll learn the easiest and at the same time, the most effective growth hacking way. I’ll explain this by giving an example from Hotmail is favorable that headed It is successful because each email that comes from Hotmail involved the signature link to enables the recipients to join and create their accounts for free.

This growth hacking tactics gained Hotmail to 12 million users in 18 months.

Image of Hotmail signature link.

Monzo Case

Do you want to learn a way to get rid of waiting in line? If your answer is YES, there is something different that helps you to it. Monzo can be thought of as the growth hacking idea for the mobile bank that has now half a million current account users.

Monzo is growth hacking example.

If you sign up Monzo, you can see how many people are waiting in line in front of you or behind you to create accounts. Monzo gives a chance to you to skip the line by suggesting the current users. Because of rewarding these new signups, they obtained lots of customers.

Do you want an example that used Monzo and was successful? Robinhood has worked with Monzo and reached 1 million-person waitlist in the first year.

OneUp Case

OneUp is a tool that makes a schedule and automatically recycles your social media posts. Therefore, it helps you to obtain further social media traffic by automatically renewing your posts on social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram! OneUp has seen a very profitable app for using social media managing.

PayPal Case

As we all know PayPal, is the payment processor for online vendors, auction site, and other commercial users, for which it charges a fee. It is favorable system and has faced a viral spread when they decided to make that every sign-up will take a $10 deposit for the PayPal account and generosity of $10 for each new users for their referring.

PayPal is a growth hacking example.

Stripe Case

Stripe has been built as a technology company, and it gives services to businesses and individuals to receive payments on the Internet. According to the Fortune, Stripe has raised $250 million in an investment round led by Tiger Global Management, and its valuation has doubled $20 billion!

Stripe is growth hacking example.

Tinder Case

Like PayPal, Tinder is another well-known app that meets new people, the first time success of Tinder is to reach 15000 early users by going on a road trip to college sororities and fraternities. By spreading through word-of-mouth, Tinder has reached more than 50 million users.

Tinder is successful growth hacking example.

In this article, you can find everything about Growth Hacking. I hope it was a helpful guide for you. Please share your opinions, recommendations, real-life examples via comments, so that we can grow together!

Enjoy it!

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