Increase Email Open Rates with Catchy Email Subject Lines/20 Effective TIPS to Get Your Emails Opened


In order to make your subscribers open your emails and read your message, we have some TIPS for you. After reading this article, you won’t have difficulties in subject lines anymore. We hope it’ll be helpful for you to increase your email open rates.

Let’s talk about the importance of email subject lines in order to increase email open rates but before diving into this subject, let’s start by conceptualizing this term.

Imagine that, you have a business and you’ve just started to send emails to build and grow an email list. We all know that sending emails is not enough to build an efficient list. 35% of people open emails based solely on the subject line. Furthermore, 69% of people mark messages as spam based on the subject line.

You may promote your products or services. However, you have to come up with strong emails that will actually be opened by your customers. Otherwise, it’s meaningless.

“47% of marketers say that they test different email subject lines to optimize their emails’ performance. So in order to decide which subject line is much more creative, compelling, interest-provoking and informative, you need to think about it! 

What Makes A Good Subject Line?

Short, clear, specific, simple, logical and personalized subject lines work better. 

Wait a sec! Not that easy right? 

You need to customize your own use, summarize your great content with a few words and make it interesting. 

MailChimp conducted an email subject line study and found out that the short and descriptive subject lines that consist of visual pizazz with a little humor convert better.

Take a deep breath! We’re starting… 

Write Catchy Email Subject Lines With These 20 TIPS

TIP #1

Keep It Short and Frankly ‘’be yourself’’ 

Don’t scare people by using more than 50 characters in your subject lines. Keep the details in your message and summarize the main points of your email. Don’t use sales language, try to reflect your brand with simplicity. Also, try to be sweet 🙂 

Short and clear email subject line example.

TIP #2

Create a Sense of Urgency

As Jim Rohn said, Without a sense of urgency, desire loses its value.

In order to have a compelling subject line, you should trigger your customers with an immediate call to action. Try to make them think what if they don’t act fast, intuitively.

Example of urgency email subject line.

Example of a compelling subject line with an immediate call to action.

TIP #3

Use Compelling Questions

Questions trigger answers. Try to provoke opens and replies by using question subject lines. You can also refer your customer’s name to be more specific and interesting. 

Compelling question example of an email subject line.

TIP #4

Generate Curiosity

Conveying a message with a little mystery is always a good idea. You should implicate the benefit from opening that particular email. By doing that, you promise to give useful information that they can get. After providing that you’ll see the increase in your conversion rates. However, be careful not to have too obscured subject lines. Otherwise, you may be considered as spam. Be relevant and exciting.  

Conveying mysterious message in email subject line.

TIP #5

Use Personalization

Personalization is another key point of email subject lines. People like to see offers for themselves. If you compare a personalized and specific email subject with a general one; the first one wins! 

Try to learn something special about your subscribers such as their interests, jobs or preferences. Make your emails catered toward the individual. 

TIP #6

Give a Sense of Exclusivity

People like exclusive deals, offers, and information. Make them feel like sharing something special. For example,

‘’Don’t tell anyone. Our special discounts will be coming soon…’’

TIP #7

Use a Familiar Sender Name

Set your sender name appropriately. It’s important to build trust with your subscribers. is a good example of an inviting sender name. Isn’t it? 🙂 

Also, avoid the ‘no-reply’ sender name. People may consider you as a spam. In order to prevent that never use something like that: ””

If you want to get detailed information about Spam Filters and much more click the link below: 

‘’Increase Email Open Rates: Email Marketing Guide For Beginners (2018)’’

TIP #8

Use Emojis Intelligently

A well-placed emoji can be great for building a warm relationship with your subscribers.

Example of emojis used in email subject line.

TIP #9

Use Controversial/Wow Subject Lines

If you’re confident in knowing your audience’s interests and perceptions you may use controversial subject lines in order to grab their attention. However, you should be very careful. If you have just built your email list and not sure about your subscribers taste yet, things can take a turn for the worse. Take time to understand your subscriber’s nature and then (if your business context is suitable) use shock, insult or controversy in your subject lines.  For example;

  • Everyone Is Gay: Social Media As Social Action
  • Why Your 5-Year-Old Is More Digital Than Most CMOs
  • Your Marketing Sucks: Why You Need to Think Local 

TIP #10

Use Numbers and Lists 

If you’re following our blog, we always emphasize the importance of ‘’Numbers’’. 

In a study conducted by Christopher Packham in MedicalXpress,  

‘’Numerosity as a primary visual property can be formally described in terms of topological invariants.’’ 

So, if you add numbers into your subject line, you grab your subscribers’ attention, as our brains are naturally curious to numbers. Also, that kind of subject lines is always easy and quick to read.

Example of numbers and lists used in email subject line.

TIP #11

Don’t yell at people with your Subject Line

A lot of people still sending emails with a subject line like;


Unfortunately, it’s not working. It’s actually distasteful…

No one likes to be yelled at and that kind of subject lines make people rub the wrong way… You should always use an engaging and humanlike language to make people comfortable and get their attention. 

TIP #12

Be Relevant and Make a Schedule 

The main reason for people to subscribe to an email list is they want to be kept informed about a given topic, product or offers. You should use timely headlines or compelling trending topics to grab your subscribers’ attention. Also, make a wise schedule to send your emails. No one wants to get an email from you 3 times a day. Have a weekly and monthly plan to make your subscribers your loyal fans. 

TIP #13

Keep Your Word

Don’t make false promises to get your email opened. This is not good for your reputation and trustworthiness. Always, be honest. Otherwise, results will not good for you, if you don’t make good on your commitments. 

TIP #14

Ask Your Subscribers Hopes and Goals

If you want to build an emotional contact with your subscribers better asking for their intentions. You may ask them or their business to conceptualize themselves in future. You may ask some questions about how their life could be better or how they reach their business goals in the next 6 months. People like daydreaming about the future. You can trigger your email open rate with an appropriate and emotional subject lines. 

TIP #15

Make Them Feel Special

Build loyalty by make them feel like they’re on the inside. Like a team member. If you use some phrases like ‘’This offer is just for our beloved subscribers only’’ you may create a belonging emotion. 

TIP #16

Write like a Friend

When we first open our inbox folder, we all scan the subject lines of the emails and eliminate the promotional ones or spams. In this case, personal emails are important. If you feel like you get an email from a friend, you will probably open it. Of course, you should consider the context of your business. For example, if you’re an entrepreneur you may want to get in touch with your crew one-on-one. You can increase your email open rates with this strategy.

Email subject line example wrote like a friend.

TIP #17

If-Then Subject Line

You may offer something useful to your subscribers by using if-then subject lines. The human brain is highly receptive to conditional expressions. You should offer something based on your segmented subscribers’ needs and offer the solution.

If-then subject line example.

TIP #18

Begin with action verbs

In order to convey a strong call-to-action message, you should take advantage of email subject lines. For example, ”Taste Brown’s Bakery Cakes with San Francisco’s Cake Boss”
You can create much more attractive subject lines by using action verbs.


Use “YOU CAN” Subject Line

Try to get know better your subscribers. Their interest, their accomplishes and failures. Help them reach their goal through your offerings. Provide what they need in order to improve their skills. You can increase your email open rates with this strategy. Sounds simple, right?

"You can" subject line example.


A/B test your subject lines.

In order to figure out which subject lines best for your audience, you should definitely A/B test your emails. Be patience. It may take time to understand the proper style of subject lines for your visitors. In this case, A/B testing is an essential point for your email marketing benefits.

Writing the best email subject line is one of the core elements of email marketing. We hope this article will help you implement catchy email subject lines in order to boost your email open rates.

Don’t forget to visit PopupSmart Blog to reach many other useful guides and articles.



  1. Thanks for this detailed guide! I really liked your advises increasing email open rates especially the point of the ‘urgency’ is totally true!!

    However, I want to add some points.

    Utilizing trending subjects, enticing subject lines as well as curiosity works for email marketing. Putting the main play is another essential point I guess. Also, the golden rule of email marketing is the A/B test. I mean, after hitting “create a campaign” better to make ab test to see the best results.

    Can’t wait for your next articles guys.

    Have a good day!

  2. Email marketing is a very essential tool for the digital marketer’s. Nothing else is as good at reaching your customers where they are, and nothing else is as effective at building personal relationships with customers.

    Thank you for enlightening us!!!

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